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CONTENTS Introduction Communication Off-site fabrication and manufacture Control Innovation Competence Engagement Environment Our vision for health and safety is that everyone goes home safe and well at the end of each working day. To achieve this JRL Group launched PLAN SAFE WORK SAFE in January 2012. We summarised our vision for 2015 in a publication at that time and this publication is the statement of our intention to continue and grow our business to be a safe and healthy environment for everyone involved in it. Now we are taking that vision towards 2020 At the core of our work are two key elements anything that we do will be planned correctly to be safe and without risk to health and everything we do will follow our plan. We will ensure through leadership control and engagement with our workforce that our plans are delivered in a safe and healthy manner. This publication covers topics which we believe are crucial to our health and safety vision. Introduction Getting the health and safety message across is crucial to a successful business. Our goal is to directly communicate to every level of our workforce ensuring that everyone can play a part in ensuring that we all go home safely each day. Some of our key communications are The JRL Group Health Safety and Environment website The JRL HSE website is the one stop shop for everyone in the business. It uses a variety of methods pictorial graphic and videos to explain how to carry out the work that we do in a safe way and without risks to health. It also allows JRL Group managers and supervisors to nd all the key risk assessments procedures and safe working practices that they need for their daily practices. Site visual information boards We use a whole variety of posters and site boards to help deliver our message on health and safety. Most importantly our site teams are regularly brought together to discuss ndings from our health and safety team visits in fortnightly briengs. Our most important work activities are demonstrated in pictorial method statements and in Good Practice posters. Some examples of our pictorial and graphic boards include JRL Group standard for Safe Plant and Vehicle Movement JRL Group standard for personal protective equipment Pictorial method statements for erecting formwork and false-work Communication JRL Group has led the way in improving on-site health and safety by off-site manufacture and fabrication of key structural components. These include precast elements prefabricated materials and the use of equipment which removes the need for traditional access methods. By doing this many of the hazards previously met on site for example hazards from in situ concrete pouring and working at height have been reduced. Examples of the new methods include Precast structural elements including precast walls and columns. These precast units are delivered to site ready to be installed using safe lifting techniques and take away the risks associated with temporary access and support structures on site. Off-site fabrication and manufacture Reducing site risks Having a clear understanding of safe working on site is particularly important for repetitive activities such as the movement of vehicles and mobile plant or the handling or storage of chemicals and hazardous substances. Controls for these and similar activities need to be very clear and straightforward. Examples of initiatives taken by JRL include 1. Every person involved in guiding or operating vehicles or mobile plant on site is trained and also wears PPE which clearly identies their role. This includes plant operators crane drivers trafc marshals and banksmen. 2. Chemicals and substances that might be hazardous to health must be properly controlled by correct storage and use. JRL Group provides COSHH stores for hazardous substances and chemicals. These stores are easily recognised and provide safe storage and control of spillage for hazardous substances. The stores contain reproof cabinets for ammable materials as well as bunds to prevent the spread of any liquid spillage. 3. Use of access stairways with substantial treads and handrails. This removes the need to use ladders for access for almost all activities. Control 1 2 3 3 Many of the initiatives taken in the JRL Group for Health and Safety have been innovative in the industry and we continually look for better safer ways of working. Many of the innovation techniques pioneered by the JRL Group have signicantly enhanced site health and safety and have become industry norms. Examples include Stairmaster staircases for the permanent structure. Off-site fabrication of the staircase units allows for safe installation on site reducing hazards connected with temporary support and access. Also installation of the permanent staircases early in the construction sequence allows for safe access to all levels by everyone on site and reduces temporary access arrangements. Yellow Mat access walkways. Yellow Mat is a simple but revolutionary way to ensure that people are safely able to walk around site on designated walkways. It also helps to demarcate these walkways so that materials are not stored so obstructing safe access. Yellow Mat has been widely acclaimed and is used by a variety of other organisations since its introduction by the JRL Group. Innovation Competence Having a competent management and supervisory team and a competent workforce is essential to ensuring good health and safety practices on site. We achieve this in the following ways Every JRL Group manager and supervisor is trained in the Group Health and Safety Management system which is readily available to them on the JRL Group HSE website. This website is kept up to date with the latest guidance. Every individual in JRL Group whose work exposes them to hazards receives training for their specic work activities. This training includes specic in-company training for all managers and supervisors in health and safety management. It also includes a wide range of training courses and hands-on site training for the entire workforce. Engagement Winning hearts and minds of everyone in the business will transform how we work and ensure that everyone goes home safe and well. Every site team has daily briengs and team leaders check their work areas before starting work. All teams met together every week to discuss the health and safety issues on site. These activities have become part of everyones way of working. At all sites where we are the principal contractor we have set up our entrances to remind everyone that going home safely is the most important part of their day. Environment Environmental control and good practice are also a fundamental part of our work. In addition to initiatives such as the site COSHH stores and others described in this section the JRL Group Environmental division ensures that we play our full role in protecting the environment. JRL Group provide wheel wash stations to ensure that all heavy goods vehicles leave site clean and mud - free. This ensures higher environmental and safety standards in the areas around our sites. All diesel and petrol powered mobile plant on sites is protected by spillage containment mats. This ensures that any small spillages or leaks are contained and do not enter water courses. 4 Elstree Way Borehamwood Hertfordshire WD6 1RN Tel 44 0 20 8953 7800